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Merry Christmas (in spite of it all)

by Pondertone

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Who took the ‘Merry’ out of Christmas? What happened since the days when Christmas was a feast of light? Now all candles are electric, making money for the happy few. Despite Christmas lights were back in the Dark Ages. Who took the ‘Merry’ out of Christmas? I used to think that Christmas was a feast of love. But wars for oil send millions of people on the run. When they come to where it’s safe, they’re met with hatred. Who took the ‘Merry’ out of Christmas? Once upon a long ago it was a feast of life. We speeded up the climate change, made the sea level rise and the harvests fail. Now millions starve to death we stuff our faces. These days… Christmas is a hoax, Christmas is a lie. How can you shop for presents while so many people die? Christmas is a fraud, Christmas is a fake. We’re supposed to share but al we do is TAKE, TAKE, TAKE! Once it was the Jews, now you blame Islam. But how can you blame anyone when your government sell the arms. Don’t let the fake blonde phoneys fool you. As they’ve been doing for much too long. Let’s Make Christmas Great Again! And may all your Christmases be Merry from now on.
Sandalen 04:59
I Hate Christmas (free) 03:17
I Hate Christmas I can't think of anything that's dumber To a grouch, Christmas is a bummer! Beaming faces everywhere, happiness is in the air I'm telling you, it isn't fair! I hate Christmas! People spending piles of cash on crap that ends up in the trash. Spare me from your Christmas bash. I hate Christmas! What happened to the Christmas thought of happiness and peace These days everyone gives in to glutony and greed Here comes Santa, girls and boys So, nag until you hurt your voice! I'll tell him where to stick his toys I hate Christmas! And if you want the truth, I ain't so crazy about New Years day either! I hate fireworks! Bah! Christmas carols to be sung, decorations to be hung Oh, yeah? Well, I stick out my tongue! I hate Christmas! Christmas bells play loud and strong Hurts my ears, all that ding dong Besides it goes on much too long I hate Christmas! I'd rather have a holiday without these christmas lights With a lot less cheerful singing, a truly silent night, yeah! Christmas Day is almost here When it's over, then I cheer I'm glad it's only once a year I hate Christmas!


In the dark days of December we seem to forget what is going on around us. It seems we can’t learn form the past. Instead of joining hands to help each other and save the planet, we quibble, quarrel and fight about our own short term problems. While the climate is changing at top speed, people are starving and war is raging, populism, nationalism, and even fascism are taking the stage again. Please listen to, or watch our new song The Darkest Christmas Of All. Let’s make a change now. Let there be light.



released December 14, 2019




Pondertone Utrecht

In his music Patrick Tersteeg tries to redefine the borders between tradition and experiment, seriousness and lunacy. Everyday stories, surreal dreams, statements and sheer banter are part of the Pondertone vocabulary. Guitars, pianos and the lot are caressed and tortured, resulting in blend of after hours whiskybar music. ... more

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